Augered Piling

HJ Foundation - Augered Piling

HJ Foundation is a world leader in speedy augered piling construction.

We install some of the world’s largest, deepest and highest capacity augered piles. We install them faster than anyone else in the industry.  Our equipment is the biggest and most powerful in North America. It is custom-built to our specifications. We can install piles as large as 42 inches in diameter and as deep as 155 feet having load capacities as great as 1,800 tons per pile. Our specialized equipment enables us to install piling where and when required under extremely challenging conditions.


HJ Foundation employs some of the best talent in the deep foundation industry. Our management team, engineers & project managers, and field employees provide innovative solutions on some of the most challenging foundation projects in the US. The team is always in a hurry to make sure we perform our work faster than expected.  No other foundation company has the depth and diversity of experience as HJ Foundation. We hold the current North American record for the largest and deepest augered piles ever installed on this continent at 155 feet deep and 36” in diameter – constructed in Miami, Florida.


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