Comments from HJ Foundation Clients, Colleagues and Engineering Design Companies

Turner Construction – Louis Fiore, Senior Project Manager             
“I have written a total of seven (7) letters in my career (37 years) that have been unsolicited. Please accept this letter from me as my personal thank you for providing this project with the most professional and knowledgeable staff of workmen I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Seminole Gaming – Hard Rock Hotel and Casinos – James Bradford, Project Manager
“HJ always comes thru when they say they will.”

Langan Engineering & Environmental Services – Roger A. Archabal P.E., Senior Associate                        
“Over the last 20 years, HJ Foundation has evolved into an industry leader in augured-cast-in-place piles. HJ Foundation has spread their significant experience throughout Florida, the region and parts of the United States. They are a very professional group and a pleasure to work with.”

Alberici Constructors – Jim Mullen, Project Manager
“HJ Foundation performed above expectation on every aspect of the project.  Management, engineering and field crews are all top notch and I look forward to working with them again.”

James A Cummings, Inc. – A Tutor Perini Company – Darin L. Newell, Senior Estimator
“It has been our pleasure to develop a working relationship with a firm of HJ Foundation Caliber.  Over the past several years HJ Foundation staff has been a knowledgeable advisor in regards to deep foundations, sheeting, shoring and tremie applications.  They have participated heavily in the pre-construction process via design assist, early engineering, budgeting through final pricing.  Their pre-construction assistance has translated to several successful and timely complete projects. In all we would strongly recommend HJ Foundation’s services on future projects.”

Soares da Costa – B. G. Firstenberger Jr., Senior Project Manager
“We contracted with HJ Foundation for Marina blue, our landmark project in downtown Miami.  HJ Foundation committed to an aggressive schedule…  They will complete the installation one month ahead of schedule. The pile cutoff has been a smooth, well-coordinated operation as well.”

Suffolk Construction Company, Inc. – Michael Yasuna, Senior Estimator
“….I appreciate as always the value that your participation at this early stage brings to the process. You have always responded with expeditious, accurate and thorough budgets that have assisted Suffolk Construction in strengthening relationships with potential clients. No one could ask for a better team player.”

KM Plaza Construction – Steven Gatto, Superintendent
“Thank you for your continuing attention with this project (2200 Collins). A word of thanks has to go out to the crew you had on site. Those men worked harder than any crew I’ve seen in many years. Looking forward to working with those guy’s again and again.”

HOAR Construction – James Dushek, Senior Project Manager
“HJ performed well above expectations and actually did what they said they could do which is rare in this economy and time. GREAT job, professional, team player, and best of all trustable.”

TTL Engineers & Consultants Inc, – Steve Richards P.E., Principal                
“You guys are good… The best I have work with…” Texas Cushing 100 MW Biomass power generating.

MAPP Construction – John T. Mitch,  Project Manager    
“MAPP construction thanks for a job well done and enjoyed working with your team on the Jefferson Parish Forensic Crime Laboratory project. HJ Foundation proved itself a very valuable asset in allowing us to get out of the ground quickly and gain time on that scheduled activity. Your supervision and equipment was outstanding and your approach to our business was very professional. Thank you again for giving us an early shot at success on this project…”

Coastal Construction – Tom C. Murphy, Vice President
“HJ Foundation (HJ) has performed several projects as a subcontractor to Coastal Construction (Coastal) over the last 12 years.  Other projects successfully performed by HJ for Coastal include the following: Paladin, Miami International Airport 739, Neo Wind, New Vertika, 2701 Jejune Office Building, Axis, Intercontinental Hotel Addition, Milano at Dearing Bay, Siena at Dearing Bay.”

Kaderabek Company  – Barry R. Goldstein P.E., Vice President
“KACO is a local geotechnical engineering firm that has been in Miami for almost 30 years…. HJ Foundation has always been a professional company to work with.  We have found that not only does HJ Foundation perform their work in a professional manner, they also have a technical staff that understands the engineering aspect of the work.  This has been helpful on many projects both during the design phase as well as during construction. If anyone would like a more detailed discussion of our past history working with HJ Foundation, please contact us.”

Lauren Engineers & Constructors – Brian M. Rogers, Contracts Manager
“…contracted with HJ Foundation to install several thousand auger cast piles (8005). HJ Foundation: 1.Competitively bid the work and provided a fair price, 2. Started their portion of the work on time,  3.Consistently stayed ahead of schedule, 4. Met their obligations and 5. Simply provided a really professional project.  I certainly look forward to working with them in the future.”

Moss & Associates – Brett Atkinson, Vice President
“HJ Foundation (HJ) has performed several projects as a subcontractor over the last seven years. Other projects successfully performed by HJ for Moss & Associates include the following: SOHO Beach House, Ivy Riverfront, Tao, Condominiums, Villa Alhambra, Valencia Grande, Himmarshee Landing.”

Vertical-V, Inc. – Alfredo Budik P.E., Vice President
“HJ Foundation produces high quality work, not only because they are the leaders in augercast pile foundation with cutting edge equipment and techniques, but also because the office support team is very professional, well prepared, experienced and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them.”

Turner Construction – Jay Fraser, General Manager
“Projects successfully performed by HJ for Turner Construction include the following:
1060 Brickell Condominium, South Miami Hospital, Metropolis Phase 4, Gainesville Griffin Stadium, Park Place at Brickell, MIC GMP4, Carillon Phase 1, Duval County Courthouse.”

Paramount Bay – Andrew Miller, Project Manager
I have the pleasure of writing to acknowledge the efforts of your project management team…. proven on numerous occasions to be both a competent of the work and a very useful resource to us in the design and implementation of the building’s foundations. In general I’ve found him to be responsive to the needs of the project and willing to work as part of the group to resolve the challenges that all projects face….. I look forward to teaming up again with them in my next project”

Met 2 – Ian Swanson, Director of Construction                
“ …thank you for all the effort you have put into the Met 2 project and the positive attitude you have shown……The work for the permanent sheet piles and excavation was managed very efficiently and executed ahead of schedule. When we changed our direction, you assisted our structural engineers to make that change process as efficient as possible and we are now installing the 36 inch ACIP piles on schedule. Thank you for your efforts and positive attitude, which will go towards ensuring that we achieve success on the Met 2 project.”