Calder Casino and Race Course

  • Miami Gardens, Florida


The Bottom Line: Miami will be hosting Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010, and Calder Casino will be opening their newest Casino as an add-on attraction for this event. The fast pace schedule required highly productive contractors to maintain an accelerated schedule.


Ease of Contracting:

HJ Foundation was contacted by James A. Cummings, Inc. to perform the installation of the 335 piles in 12 working days with specific and stringent working hour restrictions due to the operating schedule of the owner’s normal activities.


Schedule Savings:HJ Foundation - augered piling miami gardens

HJ Foundation committed to an aggressive production schedule on the project in order to maintain expectations of deadlines completion. Pile installation was concluded within nine days, three days ahead of agreed schedule. Normal owner activities (horse racing and horse training programs) were not interrupted or disturbed during HJ Foundation’s operation.



HJ Foundation used artificial lighting systems to maintain a safe, productive and successful operation during night working hours. Pile installation accuracy resulted in a fast paced asbuilt review by the engineer of record and the completion of foundations ahead of schedule.


Services Provided:

  • 335 augered piles

  • 14-inch diameter (75-ton compression & 35-ton tension piles)

Scope of Work:

  • Pile load testing on Compression and Tension piles

  • Production pile installation

  • Furnish & install pile rebar and grout

  • Stockpile and remove from the site all auger spoils for disposal

  • Pile chipping and rebar bending to specified elevation


HJ Foundation - architectural view

Firms Involved on the Project:

  • Owner: Calder Casino & Race course (A Churchill Downs Company).

  • Contractor: James A. Cummings, Inc.

  • Engineer of Record: DeSimone Consulting Engineers

  • Geotechnical Engineer: Professional Services Industries

  • Inspections & Testing: Professional Services Industry