Duval County Courthouse

  • Jacksonville, Florida


The Bottom Line: The successful completion of a significant Value Engineering program allowed HJ Foundation to install 1,700 augercast piles ahead of schedule and under budget.


Value Engineering:

After HJ Foundation was awarded the contract to install the augercast piling for the Duval County Courthouse, we presented a Value Engineering (VE) proposal, at no risk to the client, to optimize the design of the piling elements.  In order to verify the VE, HJ Foundation successfully completed 3 compression load tests and one tension load test to a minimum of 2 ½ times the design capacity.


Ahead of Schedule:

Aided by our successful implementation of our VE program, HJ Foundation was able to complete the installation of the 1,700 augercast piles ahead of all the milestone dates set by the general contractor.  Our reliable and powerful equipment, along with our quality and production oriented  field personnel, completed the critical areas of the project ahead of schedule to allow the construction of the pile caps to commence ahead of schedule.


Under Budget:

Due to the successful completion of the VE program, HJ Foundation was able to pass significant cost savings on to the owner allowing the augercast piling to be performed under budget.  In addition, our flexibility in reducing and increasing on-site resources, allowed us to complete the project with minimal downtime and disruptions despite the utility conflicts associated with working in a down-town site with incomplete subsurface information.


Services Provided:

  • 1,700 augered piles


Scope of Work:

  • Pile load testing on compression and tension piles (total of 4)

  • Production pile installation

  • Furnish & install pile rebar and grout

  • Stockpile and remove from the site all spoils for disposal

  • Perform pile layout & as-built survey (by Registered Surveyor)

  • Shooting all grades and verification of all horizontal layout (Internal to HJ Foundation)

HJ Foundation - piling rigs duval county courthouse

Firms Involved on the Project:

  • Owner: City of Jacksonville

  • Contractor: Turner Construction

  • Engineer of Record: McVeigh and Mangum

  • Geotechnical Engineer: Ellis & Associates

  • Inspections & Testing: Meskel Engineering