Sunset Harbour Garage & Retail

  • Miami Beach, Florida


The Bottom Line: HJ Foundation installed steel sheet piling and deep augercast piling while maintaining our commitment to safety and high quality work at all times working in extremely close proximity to existing buildings and high voltage powerlines. Quality and success are preceded by working safely, and HJ finished the work weeks ahead of schedule.


Do The Right Things, ALWAYS:HJ Foundation - Sunset Harbour Garage & Retail 1

HJ Foundation contracted with Boran Craig Barger Engel Construction Company to install the steel sheet piling and augered piling for the project. Sheet piling was specified for excavation support along the north and south project perimeter, within 18-inches and 4-ft respectively, of existing properties. HJ used its judgment and expertise to recommend the proper equipment and installation techniques to execute the work. Test areas and vibration monitoring were implemented, and HJ ultimately installed sheet piling using a “pressed-in” method in order to minimize risk of damage to adjacent existing structures.


Schedule Savings:

HJ Foundation committed to installing all required sheet piling in 2-weeks, and completed all sheet piling installation in 4 days, more than 1-week ahead of schedule. HJ commited to a schedule of 4-weeks to install the augercast piles, and completed the work in 10 days, over 2-weeks ahead of schedule!

Safety and Quality:

HJ Foundation believes safety is part of doing to the job right. HJ took every precaution possible while working on the project site with existing adjacent structures to the north and south, and high voltage power lines to the east of the property. As common practice, HJ clearly marked OSHA specified barriers for safe work in the proximity of powerlines, and operated with heightened awareness and designated spotters throughout the project.HJ Foundation - Sunset Harbour Garage & Retail 3 HJ Foundation - Sunset Harbour Garage & Retail 2

Services Provided:

  • 381 augered piles

  • 18-inch diameter (100-ton compression & 25-ton tension capacity)

  • 300-LF of pressed-in steel sheet piling

Scope of Work:

  • Pile load testing

  • Production pile installation

  • Pressed-in sheet piling installation

  • Furnish & install pile rebar and grout

  • Stockpile and disposal of all spoils

  • Shooting all grades and verification of all horizontal layout (Internal to HJ Foundation)


HJ Foundation - Sunset Harbour Garage & Retail 4

Firms Involved on the Project:

  • Owners:  City of Miami Beach, Scott Robins Co.

  • Contractor:  Boran Craig Barger Engel Construction Company

  • Engineer of Record:  DDA Engineers

  • Geotechnical Engineer:  Nutting Engineers

  • Inspections & Testing:  Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc.