Yale & Towne Block Y2

  • Stamford, CT


The Bottom Line: HJ Foundation, in a joint venture with G. Donaldson Construction, a division of Hayward Baker, assisted the client in a value engineering solution to reduce the number of augercast piles by 10%.  HJ’s state of the art equipment powered through challenging subsurface conditions to successfully complete the project ahead of schedule and under budget.


HJ Foundation - augered piling stamford connecticutValue Engineering:

HJ Foundation aided the Owner’s request for a Value Engineering solution to reduce the overall project budget.  HJ proposed higher capacity augercast piles than originally specified.  Higher load bearing capacities per pile resulted in a pile quantity decrease of 10%.

Guaranteed Schedule:

Schedule savings resulted from the decrease in number of foundation piles due to our Value Engineered solution.  HJ Foundation also committed to an aggressive 4-week production schedule to install the final total quantity of 596 piles.  HJ Foundation completed all piles in 14-days, over 1-week ahead of schedule.

Quality and Expertise:

HJ Foundation utilized its powerful equipment to successfully install pile load tests which proved additional reserve capacities for the augered piles.  A high occurrence of immense boulders and other obstructions added a challenge to the installation of piles, but HJ’s state-of-the-art equipment powered through and installed all piles to meet and exceed project specifications, with zero delays to the overall schedule.  Obstructions prevented a few piles from being installed in the exact design locations, however, HJ performed overload tests to prove a reserve capacity for the piles, allowing the shell contractor to form and pour the pilecaps as scheduled, without remedial work being specified, further helping the overall project schedule.

HJ Foundation - Yale & Towne Block Y2

Services Provided:

  • 596 augered piles

  • 16-inch diameter

  • 150-tons compressive capacity

  • 30-tons uplift capacity

Scope of Work:

  • Pile load testing

  • Production pile installation

  • Furnish & install pile rebar and grout

  • Stockpile all spoils for disposal

  • Shooting all grades and verification of all horizontal layout (Internal to HJ Foundation)

HJ Foundation - Architectural View

Firms Involved on the Project:

  • Owner:  Two Yale & Towne, LLC

  • Contractor:  BLT Management LLC

  • Structural Engineer:  SCA Consulting Engineers, Inc.

  • Geotechnical Engineer:  Dr. Clarence Welti Geotechnical Engineering

  • Installation Inspections:  GeoDesign Inc.

  • Sample Testing:  Connecticut Materials Testing Lab, Inc.