Restricted Access and Low Head Room Piling


Low Head Room Restricted Access Piles

HJ Foundation provides innovative augercast pile installation solutions in response to your limited headroom and access challenges.

We install augered piling in sites that have very limited headroom and access.  Our specialized equipment enables us to install piling where and when required under extremely challenging conditions.  Our equipment is built in our state-of the-art facilities therefore we can modify it to fit any specific condition.

A project with limited headroom typically requires us to install the augered piling in sections.  Every step of the process, from the drilling to the grouting to the reinforcement placement is installed a section at a time.  To date we have successfully installed low headroom piling up to 36-inch in diameter, 91-feet in depth, and with as little as 7 feet in headroom.

HJ Foundation has the necessary equipment and construction expertise to complete the most challenging restricted access and low head room piling projects anywhere in the US. When space is tight, you can trust your project to HJ Foundation.

Low Head Room Restricted Access Test Piles MIA

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