HJ Foundation's Design-Build Capability

Our philosophies

  • "Engineering is the art of applying math to logic"
  • "Construction is a set of challenges connected by solutions"

Since 1988, HJ Foundation has successfully executed projects providing solutions via design-build and construction services. Our work flow from conceptual design through project completion, in complete coordination with the project architect, structural and geotechnical engineers, allows us to achieve cost-effective, schedule driven solutions, with high quality and reduced risks.

Extensive research and development combined with innovative design methodologies and fundamental geotechnical theories make HJ Foundation capable of creating unique foundation solutions.

 HJ Foundation performs  

With a foundation for success, HJ Foundation’s in-house licensed professional engineers are ready to solve any challenge. This is one of the reasons why HJ Foundation is North America’s fastest and most reliable deep foundation contractor with guaranteed prices, schedules, and results.