Groundwater control involves the creation of barriers in soil, rock, or below-grade structures to restrict the movement of water.

Common Uses

  • Bottom Seals
  • Restrict ground water flow into excavations
  • Allow for larger basements in areas where the water table is only a few feet below ground surface

In South Florida, where the water table is only a few feet below the surface and the soil and rock are highly permeable, creating useable space underground has been a challenge for years. Historically, contractors had to pump out tremendous amounts of water but often there was not enough power to pump out all the water, or anywhere to dispose of it. Our bottom seal solution negates the need for laborious, and continual pumping of water typical for an excavation in South Florida.

The principle techniques addressing the groundwater issues are soil mixing with CFA/auger cast piles. This involves injecting cement slurry into the ground through a tool that simultaneously mixes it with the in situ soil, creating a soilcrete material that’s strong and almost impermeable, anchored down with CFA/auger cast piles. When applied to the perimeter and below a planned basement, the excavation can be performed with minimal seepage (less than a garden hose) from the sides and below.