'The Swamp' University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

We are North America's Fastest Deep Foundation Contractor.

We are proud to be the home of a "Mile of Pile"SM, where we installed over one mile worth of pile in a single day with a single rig.  We apply technical ability, experience and specialized equipment to install complex and not-so-complex deep foundations for structures.  We specialize in augered cast-in-place piling, excavation shoring and underwater construction/tremie seals.

Since 1988, our dedicated service to our clients has resulted in many long-term mutually beneficial relationships with general contractors, real estate developers, and corporate construction groups.

Why choose HJ Foundation?

Project Managers and Executives

In a world of high-tech heavy equipment, super computers, and infrared site layout equipment, it is still our people that make all the difference. HJ Foundation’s management team and field force handle even the smallest details of every project with great care, customer service and speed.


We’ve been referred as the “ghost” in the industry because we know how to get out of your way fast.  We perform all of our logistics based on your critical path and find the fastest way to get you moving ahead of schedule.  HJ Foundation guarantees you will look good to your company and as an added benefit you will save money on your aspirin budget (no headaches).


We call you back, quickly.  Whenever you need a budget or hard number on any size project, straightforward or complicated we will get it to you promptly when you need it.  Since we are the foundations experts we excel at quick turnarounds to let you worry about the other subcontractor’s numbers.

Safety and Risk Managers

HJ Foundation has one of the best safety records in all of the worldwide foundation industry.  We take it very seriously and have learned to be productive while keeping safety as the highest priority.


Contact HJ Foundation

Phone:  (866) 751-4545
Fax:  (305) 592-7881
Address: 8275 NW 80th Street
Miami, FL 33166
Email: info@hjfoundation.com
Regions: Southeast, Mid-Altantic, Northeast
Offices: Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Baltimore, New York, New Orleans & Houston

Keller Family Companies

HJ Foundation is proud to belong to the Keller Company FamilyHJ Foundation - Keller

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Majestic Star Casino & Parking Garage - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

HJ Foundation - Majestic Star Casino - Pittsburgh, PA

HJ Foundation installs over 1,700 piles, at the height of winter, with very difficult site conditions, ahead of schedule and with zero safety incidents at this landmark casino in Pittsburgh...



Marina BlueHJ Foundation - Marina Blue

Hyperion Development Group’s Marina Blue is situated at 800 Biscayne Boulevard. Construction of the 629-foot-high, 60-story, curvilinear structure required HJ Foundation to install approximately 300, 30-inch diameter piles 122 feet deep.